Tuesday, 31 January 2017



What the hell's been going down? It's been a long, long time but hey, I'm here now going to take another stab at it - again. Unbeknownst to you, I've made two other attempts in the past few months at this re-introductory piece: One titled 'Gluten' and the other 'News Flash: I'm just like everybody else'. Great stuff, maybe I'll share them sometime. Fingers and toes crossed that this is third time lucky at getting something published.

The thing is, I don't really know what happened - I took a hiatus to focus on school, and then I got a dog, I started college, I cut my hair and several/all Skam episodes later (I highly recommend Skam) - I'm here. Kind of at a crossroads. I'm in college, doing the course which I chose because I used to run this blog, and loved media and producing content. I gag at the irony that now, of all times I am at my least creative. And, here, I have one day left in January 2017; So I'm using it to get back on this godforsaken blog horsey.

apologies for poor quality; I'm getting back on the photo editing horsey too x

I don't know exactly where I'm going to go with this yet, so for now I'll just opportunistically word vomit until stumble upon a more structured MO. I like art and fashion and music still, obviously, so expect stuff from within that realm - that's really the only 'hint' I can give you - even though I too am trying to figure out this riddle. Stay tuned. In the meantime if you'd like to know what I've been getting up to (lol yea), my instagram is probably the best place to go: @brnghklly. Ciao for now.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Girly Angst

What, you mean not all teenage girls have a Marilyn Manson shrine/voodoo doll in their rooms?!
It's always fun when you tell someone you have a blog and their first reaction is, 'Ha! So what do you write about? Pff, angst? All the feels?!' - by 'fun' I mean a little tiny teeny bit infuriating. EVERY. TIME; This goes out to you, career focused adults who ironically fail to see how career focused a blog can be!

I'm embracing the angst with this little playlist, which I like to imagine playing in the background of 'The Virgin Suicides' and the like. Cue Ben and Jerry's, nail polish and lots of hairbrushing whilst staring out of a window at a sunset. Oooh, so angsty. Note that I've also kept it to songs with female vocals just to amp up the oestrogen. Enjoy.

Songs as Follows:
Cherry Glazerr//Bloody Bandaid
Best Coast//When The Sun Don't Shine
Le Tigre//Eau D'Bedroom Dancing
Siouxsie and the Banshees//Dear Prudence 
Wolf Alice//White Leather
Yeah Yeah Yeahs//Modern Romance
Desire//Part II

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Donatella vibes @ Cinderella (in Opera?!)

Earrings (soz not v visible... they're art deco-y) // Penneys
Printed top // I've had it since I was 5 or so. Ha, you'll never find it
Wide legged silky (power) pants // River Island
Nude suede wedges // Penneys

Last week we started off our third term of Waterford Young Arts Critics with a trip to Lismore to see a few exhibitions (Thanks to Lismore Castle Arts). We topped off the night with a preview of Lismore Music Festival's 'Cinderella', performed through opera. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the day, and opera being, well, opera, we all kitted ourselves out accordingly in our smartest rags.. Even if the whole thing wasn't as posh as we were expecting. I mean, it was opera in a castle.. Who'd have thought otherwise?!

I opted for my new favourite pants on earth; They're wide-legged, silky and damn they're a statement, but still incredibly fun; I can't wait to try wearing them in different ways. There's something about them that oozes Azealia Banks.. Or is it just me?! I paired the magnificent butt holders with a simple little printed string top and my best statement earrings. Maybe it was just the fact that I was going to Italy the following day (Jetsetter chick; Just heading out to Verona after a late night at an opera.. it's all G x), but I felt very powerful and sassy like a mini Donatella. The earrings and the pants together just gave me her sassy flare, minus all the surgery.. Clothes are just like a personality altering, self esteem placebo, innit?

Soulja Boy Donatell'em (sorry)

Friday, 17 April 2015

RIP, Hun

 Necklace; Topshop
Top; Penneys
Stole; Penneys
Skirt; The Vintage Factory
Heels/Sandal things; TK Maxx

I always feel weird posting outfits after wearing them out places.. Or even worse, wearing them after posting them.. The fear of being accused of outfit repeating is very real for me. Thankfully, no one has called me such a thing yet other than myself. I wore this in February - I'm posting it two months on. Grand.

There was a brief period there where I had a social life that wasn't in daylight hours (!!!!!!!) and it was cool, so cool that I bought silver diamanté stilts (ootd soon, maybe..?!?!!) and tainted my milk bottle complexion with some.... bronzer - I shuddered as I typed that. I escaped the curse by the skin of my teeth, thanks to my addiction to being productive/boring, approaching exams and, well, no more invites (ty lads xx). And so with the raving, all hun tendencies disappeared. Ah, the demons are gone.. I thought I'd show you the remnants anyway, as above: My Hun Spirit Animal was any Hun From Past Eras, But Mainly The 90s - note the suit-y, simple type getup and an added bit of craic with the mad stole.

 I don't know if anyone's copped it yet, but I seem to have categorised my style into either a) Sassy-Daria-Morgendorffer-IRL or b)Cher Horowitz, the former being daytime and the latter being nighttime. I need some new fictional characters to base my wardobe on - suggestions are welcome!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Old School

Coat: Charity shop
Ribbed Top: New Look
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Topshop

...Aaaand just in time for bright, airy Spring, I've settled back into the dark colours/neutrals groove. Every year, guys. I was told I looked like a secretary from bygone times/a primary school teacher in this gettup but personally I get some femme Sherlock Holmes vibes. It's down to the skirt, entirely: The browny houndstooth and zip detailing is pretty bang on, if you ask me.

Hey, here's an interesting point: The word 'retro' doesn't have to mean COLOUR!PRINT!!PSYCHEDELIC!!!!. It can  mean some nice neutral, muted stuff too - we always seem to associate dressing like we're from a different era means suede fringes and flares. People dressed sophisticated and semi-normal too, once upon a time! Right now, in fact, I prefer that 'spectrum' of retro to your typical florals and peace signs. It's classy, and there's something really... romantic about it? Is that the right word? I don't know.. Am I allowed to say it's more 'cinematic'? I feel like I'm in Submarine or Rushmore or something when I've got my formal coat and structured skirts on. Cinematic. Judge all you want..

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Leather jacket: Charity shop
Scarf: Gift
Jumper: Forever 21
Shorts: DIY, from Charity shop (Levi's)
Coltrane dupsies: River Island

The 'college student' vibes are out again; We're going for 'art student' this time, what with the slightly more alternative approach. I nabbed the ~real~ leather for a fiver two years ago, but this was my first time wearing it out. It was love, but let it be known that leather is an awful insulator.. I learned the hard way by shivvering out in the cold all day! The scarf was knitted for me by my aunt, and it's another item that I've had a while but have never gotten around to wearing. Picking out things to wear which you forgot even existed is so much fun - but now that I have justified their cost-per-wear, maybe they can return to the back of my wardrobe?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lady Mermaid

Items as follows: 
 Diamant√© choker//Topshop
Knitted jumper//Penneys
Skirt//The Vintage Factory

It started with a skirt...
And to think I almost didn't buy it! Gosh.. I found it in Waterford's newest, coolest, edgiest, most on-point, etc store The Vintage Factory, for only a tenner. It's going to be a huge asset to my spring/summer wardrobe. It oozes girly sophistication, and the colour is gorgeous. It took me a while to understand the whole obsession with coral/salmon colours, but I've now realised that it was because the high-street's been hyper-saturating the colour into a neon mess. Please don't wear with orange tan, ladies.. That's not what they meant by colour blocking. Ooooh, fashion burn.

I decided to wear the colour to its fullest potential by referencing the good old colour wheel: Another concept which I've only come to understand. According to legend, blue and orange compliment each other. Again, the rather uniform colour wheel does this little guideline no favours by placing a deep, royal blue next to a really harsh orange (reference if you don't understand any of this). By using much softer colours, the message has finally sunk into my skull.. AND, I've managed to look like a fishy housewife in the process! This keeps getting better.

The shape of the skirt is so ladylike that I wanted to amp up the old-school domestication with this pale blue (anything-but-hand-)knit jumper. The bedazzled jewellery kicks the whole ye-olde-yummy-mummy vibes up yet another notch, as well as the silk scarf - which is more of a prop than part of the outfit, but we'll leave it be.. Then, me being who I am, I turned the whole thing on its side with big rough black boots. Sorry - I can't resist! In the words of a true mammy: Tough love - the tough part being the boots.