Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hallowe'ek: All the Gorey Details..

Sorry, I'm addicted to these cheesy titles. Can't help it. Anyway, today I've got some Hallowe'en related tips. They're not going to be full faces of makeup, but rather some tips for small details that could help your look dramatically! I love playing around with makeup, so I had tonnes of fun trying to find innovative ways to use the same basic products. The only thing you may have to go out of your way to find would be white face paint, or maybe a green primer/concealer.

I do have a top on.. it's strapless. Just saying.
Sunken cheeks: Many would run for their bronzers, as soon as they hear this one, but let me tell you: They're not needed! If you want a more realistic looking, skinny face, use white face paint like Snazaroo. Apply it lightly all over your face, and then apply it more heavily around your cheekbones, etc. I found this worked quite well for me, but if you're having trouble a matte contour powder/bronzer should do the trick for a bit more emphasis.

The wonders of green makeup: Green primer and concealer can be used for marvelous things: Not only do they cover redness in normal use, but they can be useful for makeup concerning zombies and the dead. By applying it in small places like the edge of your cheekbone or the upper corner of your forehead, a 'rotting' can be created! They're also great for paling out the lips, to give a more 'I'm dead' impression.

'Sleep deprived' eyes: A lot of people would run for some purple eyeshadow at this. Purple is a good colour to use, but if you want something more realistic, go incredibly light on white face paint all around the eyelids, and then lightly apply some matte brown contour powder/eyeshadow using a regular, big powder brush - you don't want it too neat! To emphasise bags under the eyes, again use lots of facepaint to give the illusion of bags by painting a heavy, yet blended line from the inner corner of your eye, downwards, like you are outlining the bags. Fade it out as it reaches the beginning of your cheek.

Deranged looking eyes: Another obvious option for this would be some dramatic fake lashes, but then again if you're not a fan of them this one can come in handy! By using your mascara wand to straighten out your lashes in different directions, a similar look can be achieved. The lashes should not look curved, but straight out. If you want to make your eyes look wide and bigger, use some white eyeliner on your waterline/lashline, I always get them mixed up.. just put on some white eyeliner!

Make your own tears: To save you holding an onion to your eye for the whole night, opt for some clear lipgloss. Use a cotton bud to dot it down your face, or even around your mouth if you want to look like you're.. drooling? If that's what you're into.

Panda eyes (It's amazing how often I have used this phrase and people don't know what it is- it's smudged black eyemakeup, as if you've been bawling!) : Super duper easy! Dab mascara wherever needed, let it dry in a little and then pat with a cotton wool. If you want some of the black to stream down your face, make sure the cotton wool is drenched so that it drips down your face, carrying the black with it, The important part is to not dry your face afterwards - the strategically placed smudges will streak and turn to ruins!

Brows be gone: This one is definitely a bit more outrageous. If, for some reason you want your eyebrows to disappear, you'll need a washable glue stick and your normal foundation / face paint. By layering on the glue over your brows, letting it dry and then applying your makeup, they'll disappear! You may need to do several layers and even scrap on the glue with a spatula, but just make sure your glue is washable and that it does not get in your eye. This may be quite extreme, messy and time consuming, but it works. I tried it.. no shame.

(Realistic) vampire blood drool: You may have used the old two lines at the corner of your mouth when you were 5, but let's step it up a bit! Try dabbing fake blood or a deep red lip stain messily all along the lower lip. Dab at it with your fingers, but do not cover your entire lip with it - it's meant to look dribbly! Don't lick or touch your lips while it dries, and avoid doing so while you have it on, especially with the fake blood. You may need to check if it's toxic or not - we don't need anyone in hospital!

Wounds: Gather any red, brown and purple makeup you own - layer them on the desired area, starting with brown, then purple, then red. If you're wanting some brouses, mix in some greens and yellows all around the 'injury'.

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