Friday, 26 October 2012

Hallowe'ek: Get Your Claws Out

Forever using cheesy titles..
Hello everyone! Today I've got two Hallowe'en nail ideas lined up.. They're quite easy to achieve, so if you like them I hope you can understand my dodgy how-to talk.

Gunged - This one is very much inspired by good old gunge, that you may remember from Nickelodeon shows on Saturday morning! This dripping thing has also been circulating for a bit, so it's all quite relevant. I applied the black (Black Cab - Rimmel), waited for that to dry, and then applied this green (mixture of Spring Green - Barry M and Essence - Little Miss Sunrise) to the tips of my nails using a regular, flat paint brush. Next, I got a pin and dipped it into the green nail polish. I just dragged it down the nail to create drips! Oh-so simple.

Blood-stained - This one's ridiculously easy - I came across it very much by accident. Quite zombie-ish, perhaps? I think it has that 'I just clawed someone's guts out' look. It's achieved really simply - apply a base coat (mine is Genius in a Bottle - Catrice) and a tiny, tiny drop of deep red on top (Lincoln Center - NYC) when the base has dried. Use your fingers to smudge! The nail polish left on your fingers adds to the effect, but if you don't want it you could always use a tissue or something.

More on the way very soon!

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