Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hallowe'ek: It's Gonna be a Thing, You Guys

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, today is the 24th of October.. If what I'm trying to get at hasn't struck you yet, it is one week until Hallowe'en - A time period I am now calling, Hallowe'ek! As (candy-)corny as it sounds, it's just the name I'm giving to the next number of posts coming up - They will all be Hallowe'en related and completely awesome. I'll be covering nails, costume, makeup, the whole lot! Stay tuned. 
For now, though, as to not to waste a whole post I thought I'd just give you my take on Hallowe'en. As I've spent the majority of my life living in the middle of nowhere, having to drive to get anywhere, I haven't properly celebrated Hallowe'en too many times. Shocker, I know! Haha. I always put a lot of effort into my costume, however. Of course, I can look back on every costume I ever wore since the age of 10 and cringe, but the effort. It's there!
I guess Hallowe'en customs are changing for my er, age group though. Without a doubt, very few 15 year olds are still going to walk around knocking on people's doors etc etc but I think I'll still be dressing up, when I'm 80... I'm not a fireworks type. The costumes part will always be my favourite, no matter how cringey, how flat out stupid, how not-even-scary. If you think that costumes are childish and silly, you sir are a party pooper. I will hold onto every last smidge of a child's Hallowe'en I can - I'm deprived..

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