Monday, 29 October 2012

Hallowe'ek: Outfit 1

Hello everyone! Today I've got a Hallowe'en-ish outfit to show you all. A few nights ago, I was messing around with different clothes, trying to find a good outfit for Hallowe'en. That didn't really work out, but I came up with a few small ideas. The first one - shown below - isn't really of anything in particular, I just liked it! I think it looks kind of ghostly, and that's pretty much the only tie it has to Hallowe'en for me.

The shirt was originally my mother's, and I used this in the outfit I wore last year. It's made of silk so it's comfy as hell. The maxi skirt, which is from Penneys, has never been worn in public despite my absolute adoration for it. I should probably work on that! I bought the belt from Penneys a year or two ago and I think it gives a ~gothic vibe~. Don't ask!

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