Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Outfit: All the Favourites

Hello everyone! I've got another new outfit, which I wore at the weekend. I was just going to see Taken 2, so I kept it relatively comfortable. Taken 2, by the way, didn't seem that bad - a lot of people seem to be giving it a thumbs down! I quite liked it, but maybe I'm missing something? I don't know..
All the items I'm wearing are currently some of my favourite things in my wardrobe.. The shirt is from a charity shop, the top I have underneath is from Penneys, and I cut up the Levis myself, which I found in a charity shop.. I will never understand people going and spending a fortune on cutoffs! These ones costed me €4. No regrets. My beloved creepers are from a mini shop on Amazon, although I can't remember which one.. I got them several months ago, but I'm sure if you searched for them you would find them.

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