Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Outfit: MJ's Back!

Hello everyone! I thought for my first official post, I'd do something rather simple - an outfit of the day. As I mentioned previously, I do have a LookBook that I post outfits to when I have the time and willpower.
This outfit is my usual casual outfit 'formula'- shorts, tights, a t-shirt and some sort of cardigan/hoodie! I'm wearing a cardigan from a New Look sale a year or so ago, Levi's cutoffs which were from a charity shop, my creepers from a shop on Amazon and a baggy Michael Jackson t-shirt from River Island. I bought it back around the time Michael Jackson died, and have since done a considerable amount of DIY on it. It's just about falling apart now, but I really don't mind. The sunnies are from River Island, which I bought on sale.

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