Friday, 16 November 2012

5 Youtubers You Should Start Watching

Hello! I hope you readers (if you're out there) have had a wonderful week. I must say that mine has been quite jumbled up, foggy, groggy, just not so great. It's improving rapidly, though: I discovered that Ben and Jerry's was selling half price at a shop near my school, and so a friend and I halved a tub between us. Sorted. 
Also, I'll confess that my ideas ran a little dry there for a while. But I've realised that this is my blog, and that it was never meant to be confined to one small category, and so I'm going to share with you my uber-interest in YouTubers. Surprisingly, I don't have my own YouTube account. I should probably get one. I've also gone through several phases of 'I'M GONNA MAKE MY OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL!' but then I realise the effort, openness to criticism, more effort, bleugh. Maybe later.. But, I do watch YouTube videos like there's no tomorrow, so I think it's fair to say I have a few favourite channels. I'll share them with you now. But, fair warning: There are no Janoskians. I have never watched a full one, I simply can't stick it. That's all. So, in no particular order..

PJ Liguori is the definition of adorableness, he's got an awesome (and quite inoffensive) sense of humour too.  I've been watching him for almost a year now, and he's pretty killer with graphic/cinematography/whatever you want to call it. He sings and stuff too, he's pretty darn talented! You go PJ, I approve. His second channel is PjTheKick.

2. BriBry
 Brian (BriBry) O'Reilly is a very talented (and hilarious) young man from Ireland, like myself - I love how if you're Irish and on the internet, you simply must state that fact. He's got his own songs, has made a 'Things to do Before You Die' series and now does videos with his friend Sean Burke, who does excellent impressions, by the way.

3. Grav3yardGirl
 Bunny Meyer is AMAZING, completely up my YouTuber-alley. She's hilarious in the way that she acts, and kind of reminds my of myself sometimes. Bunny does vlogs, and other fashion/beauty related videos. She's got a kickass Jeffrey Campbell collection of shoes, too. Envious.

4. Crabstickz
Chris Kendall is awesome, and so. funny. He makes sketches, and has recently began working with the BBC. Chris is an excellent actor, and I honestly can't watch through one of his videos without laughing. His second channel is Crabstickz2.

5. SteveGreeneComedy
  Steve Greene? He's bloody fantastic. He has a 'Real Life Trolling' series which I find incredibly funny, but some may find a little offencive although it is all a joke. The video shown above is from a 'Tough Talk' thing he does too, and I must say I agree with the majority of what he talks about.

Of course these are not the only channels I enjoy, and I think I'll make a post like this at another stage. If you like these YouTubers' channels make sure to subscribe to them, etc etc. Just, please don't spam their Twitters like they're Beau Brooks are whatever, no one needs that.. Haha. Happy viewing!

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