Monday, 12 November 2012

Magazine Hoarding and Moodboarding

Hello (non-existent, I'm pretty sure) readers! Apologies for going slightly skimpy on posts this week, but I went back to school (sadface) and found it hard to cram stuff in. I had big plans for the weekend regarding blog posts, but of course I had to be blessed with sluggish, groggy migraines and sneezing every 2-3 seconds. Attractive, I know..
I did however decide to document the ~exciting~ events of the weekend (they're not really that exciting) whereby I updated my moodboard with more autumn-y images. This magical moodboarding 'hobby' is not something I have discussed before, but is something I do regularly enough, every few months when I have (a lot of) spare time. I thought I could just explain my 'process' of moodboarding to you guys, and just waffle for a little while!

Magazines I have accumalated over the past 2 years: KISS, Style, Company, Hot Press, Kerrang, Big Cheese, NME, Rock Sound.. Hoarders, here we come!
Before I begin, I would like to explain something: When I say 'moodboard', I don't necessarily mean a cork board, or a poster. I just mean a collage of pictures on a wall, or any surface that you like or that inspire you. Now, to my knowledge you can go in a few directions with a moodboard: Photography, fashion, music.. whatever interests you! I personally have one for music, a few fashion/photography ones and one for general things that I like.You can also make moodboards from any material lying around - from magazines, old photos, drawings, or even print some pictures off from Tumblr or WeHeartIt. I like to use old magazines - mainly pictured above! The Sunday Times Style Magazine is a very handy magazine to collect for moodboards if you like fashion and you/your parents regularly buy the Sunday Times. Also, if you like photography, you may find pictures that you like in  the 'Spectrum' section of the Sunday Times Magazine, also included with the Sunday Times newspaper! Double whammy. This means you can just keep it for free afterwards, and you will accumlate them quickly as it comes out weekly. For (rock) music entusiasts, the same goes for Kerrang, but you'll have to pay for it unless your parents buy it or something - unlikely!
So normally, once I have collected quite a few magazines and have some spare time, I flick through them all. If I find an image that I like, I'll cut it out and put it to one side. These pictures will then be put in my ~mood board~.
The product of this weekend. No, I don't have a life..
 Next, I usually sort the pictures into their themes, colours, or subject. Whatever kind of moodboard I want to make. For example, for the one I was making at the weekend I had gothic and baroque-style fashion in mind, so I picked out pictures including golds and blacks. It's a rather dark mood board, and because of this I just put it on the inside of my wardrobe for ~inspiration~ (too much ~s?).
When it comes to sticking the pictures up, arrangement can make a huge difference. You could go for a muddled, chaotic close-together arrangement, or a more minimalistic one with spaces between each picture. So many choices. Keep adjusting until you're done, and then you can admire your work. Update the moodboard regularly, to suit your moods, seasons and so on. Go wild!

Moodboarding: When Pinterest is not enough.
 That's basically it! Happy mood boarding. Reading back over this post, I really do feel very sad for making this but hey, it can look really nice if done well. It's theraputic too, if that makes it any more appealing to anyone?

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