Sunday, 4 November 2012

October Favourites

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a splendid Hallowe'en - I know I did, although I don't have a costume to share with you as I only wore the black dress featured in the look posted here.. I know, incredibly exciting! As I've been catching up on homework for my last few precious days of midterm, I didn't have time to do anything particularly special. But, thought I could take advantage of the fact that October is over, and make an October favourites! This one won't be as big as my September post, and most of the stuff here was only (re)discovered last week. But it was October last week! Okay, to many excuses..

1. Faux Fur Snood/Scarf: It's Autumn/Winter now, and most of the time I'm freezing! This is a hugely beneficial piece for me to have, it's just so cosy and furry. It may look like a fluffy blob above, but once it's on it looks great. It goes with most of my clothes and jackets, and a lot of people have told me, 'That looks so cosy!'. It is. Very. I wear this out and about, and even when I'm doing homework in my for the most part, freezing room. I got it last year for €3, in none other than Penneys.

 2. Autumn-y nails: As I was off for mid term, I got to wear nail polish for a worthwhile amount of time - There's nothing I hate more than having to take off day-old nail polish on a Sunday night, so for most of that time I wore the above colours. They have both been mentioned in separate posts before, they're just so pretty! The NYC one on the right is 232 Lincoln Center and the Catrice one is called Genius in a Bottle. Both these polishes are really cheap too, and rather decent as nail polishes after 2 coats.

3. Fluffy Pyjamas: Pyjama bottoms, in particular. Not the fleece ones, the proper, fluffy-like-a-new-dressing-gown fluffy! I have practically lived in these since I bought them (not really, I swear) because they're so comfortable and warm. Another autumn/winter necessity, I think - These ones were €7 in Penneys. If you haven't noticed by now, most of my stuff comes from Penneys..

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo: Yeah, we're going to include some food in this because food is glorious, particularly the one pictured above. Excuse the awful filter by the way, I got the photo from my Instagram (@mynameizbronagh, I know it's a great name) so it's a little sketchy looking when blown up in size. Back to the matter at hand: This chocolate bar is delicious! I adore it, I hope they never stop making it. I could live off of it, if it weren't for calories, vitamins etc. If you haven't tried it, go buy it. 

 5. Moonrise Kingdom: My dad recently sat me down to watch this, and I slowly but surely succumbed to its complete and utter cuteness. It's.. different, to say the least but even the colours of the film and its ~cinematography~ are stunning. The views captured in the movie are beautiful.. It's definitely not a very typical film, it's got tonnes of adorable quirks and is well worth the watch. If you enjoy adorable things and cinematography, that is. There's some twisted humour in there too, it's great!

What things did you enjoy in October?

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