Saturday, 8 December 2012

Outfit: Black Sheer Maxi

Hellooo! I've got an outfit for you today, which I really like if I'm honest. I wanted to use this sheer maxi skirt that I have and make it look a little more casual, as I haven't worn it out and about yet and I needed some ideas before stepping outside the door. This is one of the combos I came up with, where I used the skirt as more of a 'veil' over my Levi shorts, which are second hand and cut by me. The skirt itself is from Penneys, as is my beloved Beavis and Butthead shirt. The hat is my dad's because I couldn't find my own hat (it disappears at the worst of times) and my Docs, well they're my Docs. I got them last year for Christmas.
Hope you like it, and my photo editing skillz..

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