Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas Haul (well, the fashion-beauty bits)

Hey guys! I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas, I know I certainly did. Now I'm just trying to enjoy what's left of my holidays, which are going scarily fast.. sadly. I thought I would show you a few things I got for Christmas and bought in the sales, though there isn't a lot of it. Before I begin, I'll tell you that there are 2/3 things that I may still get: I saw these shoes the other day and fell in love, but I'm not sure how I would wear them.. They're a Jeffrey Campbell 'Ving' knockoff basically, and I'm too poor for JC's, but let me know what you think of them in a comment! Another thing I'm undecided about is a pair of black flatform sandals that are onsale again in River Island that I am waiting for to go down in price.. fingers crossed. I raved about them before, here. I also have ordered some cheapie makeup brushes which have not arrived yet.. see them here. I know, they're MAC knockoffs. Do we see a pattern here, yet? I don't do official brands.. yet. too poor $$.

Now. What did I actually buy, and actually receive?
From my parents - thanks, muchly! Soap and Glory Best of All giftset.
Okay, so this bad boy contains 9 Soap and Glory products - let me tell you, they all smell heavenly. Products included are as follows: The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter // Hand Food™ Hand Cream // Sugar Crush™ Body Scrub // Clean On Me™ Shower Gel // Smoothie Star™ Body Milk // Heel Genius™ Foot Mask // Peaches & Clean™ Cleansing Milk // Super-Colour Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Plumper in Punch Bowl // Thick & Fast™ Super Volume Mascara. OH, and may I add: I love the packaging of Soap and Glory products! Very cute. Watch out for some reviews, coming soon..

Lady Gaga, Fame giftset. 30ml bottle of Lady Gaga, Fame perfume, shower gel and a cute tattoo.
I got this giftset in the sales.. I thought I would not be getting it, but I knew the minute that I heard it was half price that I needed it. I love it so far - I've only used the perfume, but it's gorgeous! I haven't used the shower gel due to the Soap and Glory overload, but it's black, like the perfume. I love how the whole concept of 'black' (okay, that sounded stupid) was used, it's so unique! This was €15 in Shaws, by the way.

CLOTHEZ: Jumper, Penneys, €7 // Leggings, present, Next // Leggings, €10, Next
Next up: Clothes! I bought the jumper in the men's section in Penneys - judge me - and it was half price. I quite like the concept of an ugly jumper, so I decided to get a big baggy one. I'm wearing it now and I adore it! Then, as you can see, I went a bit leggings-crazy. The first pair were a present, and it's just as well because the pair I own already are in tatters after wearing them so much. I love these ones, they're made of a lot  nicer, stretchier fabric compared to my old ones. Then, when sales shopping a few days ago, I saw a big sign for the next sale. I knew that the black ones I had already received were from Next, so I decided to see if they had any other colours - they did! And so, I got these blue/grey ones for a tenner. YAY CRUSHED VELVET LEGGINGS~

Yeah, we're really gonna have a separate ~hat segment~.. Grey beanie, present, Next // Ear flap hat thing, €2, Penneys
I received the grey beanie from my parents. I'm not going to lie - when I first saw it, I wasn't so sure I would wear it but I've grown to like it! It kind of reminded me of one of those beret beanies with sequins that you wore when you were 12, but now that I've tried it on I like it. Yaaay! The other hat which I have forgotten the proper name of was an impulse buy. I'm not sure if it suits me, but it was €2 so I don't mind. I've just wanted one of these hats for so long, so I got it.. end of story!

Please ignore the horrendous quality of this, goodness knows how many shots I took trying to get the camera to focus! Ergh.
 The last thing I received was from my grandmother (GRANNYYYY), and it's probably my favourite - it's a gold chain with a Credit Suisse gold pendant on the end! It's probably my first piece of legitimate gold, and it's pretty special because there's a tiny story behind how it became to be hers: My dad, about 30 years ago, found it in his schoolyard. Not knowing what to do with it, he gave it to his mother (GRANNYYYY) and she held onto it. And, well, now it's mine! I feel like I have to keep handing it down, generation to generation now..I don't know, we'll see. It's not the fanciest piece of jewellery you have ever seen, but that's why I like it so much too. It's almost like a uniform type of thing - you can tell it's old.

That pretty much concludes what I got and bought this Christmas! Have you gotten anything really awesome this year?

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