Sunday, 24 February 2013

REVIEW: The Doctor Brand Blemish Relief Starter Kit

Hello everyone. Today, I'm doing my first ever review on this blog, ooooh how exciting! Before I begin, though, here's a quick disclaimer: I bought this product myself with my own money etc etc etc, and I'm going to be completely honest on all the products that I review, ALWAYS. Remember, my experience with this product will not be the same as someone else's experience, and before basing your entire expectations on this review, you should read some others too. There are many people who have reacted differently about this product, so it's important to acknowledge that. You get the gist, right?

The Doctor Brand is not a brand that I was very familiar with, before I spotted this Starter Set in TK Maxx. When I picked up the box, it's fair to say that I was a little intrigued! The 'before' and 'after' pictures amazed me, and the price (€12.99) was a little too good to be true. This Starter Set includes the Doctor Brand's own Purifying Cleanser ('Step 1'), Pore Clearing Gel ('Step 2') and Oil-Free Soothing Lotion ('Step 3').  So, what really had me sold when I saw this? It's meant to transform your skin from spotty to smooth, in just two weeks. Or so, it's been the case with 97% of people who tried it. Of course I had to try it! But, I was a little worried about using it: I've got some mild acne, but it can't be combated because my skin is also as dry as a desert. If I even touched some Differin or Benzoyl Peroxide, hell, I'll get a rash! It's not pretty. I bear with the spots, and blame it on 'hormones' instead. Concealer is my friend.

When I first tried out the 3 products, I noticed a few small things: All three of them are very watery, and flow out of their bottles rather easily. This is quite wasteful, but it also means that they sink into the skin incredibly fast. They also have a mild, medicinal smell, which I rather like, as it is 'The Doctor Brand'.. ha. But, the lotion smells a little off putting: It reminds me of silicone, or glue. But, rest assured, this doesn't stay around for long once it has fully absorbed into the skin. I also found that the lotion made my skin rather tight and dry, so for the first few days I also applied some of my normal moisturiser on top.

It's been two weeks since I started using the Starter Set now, and the products no longer feel drying on my skin - I'm delighted that I haven't flared up, as bright as a tomato! But, sadly, I think I am part of the 3% that does not get to see a reduction in blemishes on my face after 2 weeks. However, I definitely think that my pores are a lot less noticeable, the redness on my face has gone down substantially, and my skin feels very smooth and soft. So, the set isn't a total dud! I will keep using the set until it runs out, and perhaps spots will have cleared up by then.. I might do an update post. Overall, I think this set gets my thumbs up. Pity about the spots, though..

I'm not sure exactly where this product can usually be bought in shops, as I got mine in TK Maxx, which will not be supplying this forever. I have never seen it in a normal chemist etc, and we are quite disadvantaged on the cosmetics front, in this meagre little country called Ireland. But, you can get the set here , for full price. Ciao for now!

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