Sunday, 10 February 2013

You survived the Hiatus! (No, not the Fall Out Boy one..)

(Photos start from the top, working downwards. Starts on the left. Not all photos are mine!)
Hello everyone! Guess what? My exams are over (for now), so I'm back in business. I'm feeling quite out of the blogging loop, and although I have some ideas for posts lined up, I'm feeling a bit rusty. For that reason, I just thought I would do a simple update on what I've been doing over the past month or so, besides exams. There's been quite a bit, actually..

Nails: I did my nails at any time possible during the past few weeks, as a form of procrastination.. I admit it! These are probably my favourites. The nail polish is by Revlon, and it's called Blue Lagoon as far as I know. It's got a really nice shimmer to it, and goes really well with the Louise Gray for Topshop glitter I put on the ring finger. They're not the most practical nails I've ever done, but I do think it looks rather pretty.

Running: About two weeks ago, I made a rather (late) New Years' Resolution to start running! I've got an email subscription (get it here) going that's keeping me on track and motivated, and I think it's going rather well! I'm not looking to lose weight or anything, but am definitely looking to get more fit. There's too much guilt involved with being a couch potato, for me.. If anyone is interested in doing the same, let me know and maybe I could do a little post on it!

Snow: I'm sure that many of you are aware of the snow happening in various unlikely regions during January, including Spain! Well, I'm pretty sure everywhere in the world got snow except my area.. until about a week ago. It was only a small dusting of snow, but it's nice to see that we weren't completely forgotten.

Concert-going: In mid-January, I saw Two Door Cinema Club in their biggest headlining show ever (well, at the time it was..)! They were excellent, and so were support acts Cast of Cheers and Jape. I would recommend seeing any of the three bands to anyone, as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I even got a t-shirt. 

My New TV Obsession: I recently started watching the new TV series My Mad Fat Diary on E4, and I have to say that I'm really liking it! The show is set in the 90s, the main character Rae is an incredibly likeable music nut, and the plot is brilliant, as far as I'm concerned. It's got some Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging vibes to it, but without half the cheese. Oh, and Finn's my favourite character. Need I say why?

Cupcakes: Another way in which I have been procrastinating is by perfecting my cupcake making skills. I finally got my hands on some of that gel food colouring everyone raves about, and I can now see why. It makes really pretty, vibrant icing and is completely worth every cent.. If you're an icing nut, like myself.

Chanel Haute Couture S/S '13: Now, I'm not someone who religiously watches catwalks, although I wish I had the time to,  but when I saw this collection my jaw dropped. It's all perfect - Karl & Co, you've done it again. The collection is elegant and dainty, and rather Victorian doll-like. What really makes it though, is the choice of hair and makeup. They give the whole collection an air of eeriness - I do like me some eeriness!

Happy Pancake Birthday to Me: This isn't something I have done, but rather something I will be doing - stuffing myself with pancakes, this Tuesday! AND, my birthday (February 12th, get out your diaries..) coincides with pancake Tuesday this year. I hope I can manage to stick a few candles in a pancake, although it might be a bit flat. Anyway, I'll be fifteen. Isn't that rather exciting?

What have you been up to / enjoying over the past few weeks?

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