Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Looking Beyond Your Skater Skirt

Pieces are from the following shops - Clockwise, from top right: Topshop/Monki/Topshop/River Island/Topshop/New Look/Forever 21/Topshop/
    Now, I have nothing against a good skater skirt. They're damn versatile, and these days, you'll find them in every colour of the rainbow. But, nothing exasperates me more than girls taking the skater skirt and sleeveless cropped turtle neck as a formula for complete and utter success.  It sort of drains me, to see 5/6 girls wearing the same outfit in different colours. Don't get me wrong - of course, you all look stunning, but doesn't anyone find it a bit boring? I'm not one to dress up and go out places (computer lyf), but just say I decided to, one day, I would probably go mad. Isn't dressing up beforehand 80% of the fun? I would certainly think so. 
Of course I understand the concept of time moving in trends; Last year we were all adorned in bandage skirts and baggy vest tops (including myself - cringe). But, hey, there's no harm in looking around and appreciating some other options! In a nutshell: Have fun with your clothes. I've come up with a few of my favourites, at the moment:
 If I were going out somewhere, I'm 90% sure I would be dressed in some way vampy. Sheer fabrics, velvet and lace trimmings scream luxury, and give an otherwise plain, black outfit new life. Think sheer maxi skirts (they were everywhere a while ago, I still love them), and dresses that either cling or flow; it works both ways.  
Disco pants are always another good option, and are a piece I have yet to invest in. It seems that they have run their course, but why not make a comeback?! They'll go with just about any top: a bralet with a baggy jacket over, or an old, ratty band shirt. 

Summer is coming, and with summer comes the pretty, fitted summer dresses. Many may consider the summer dress to be rather girl-ish, but they can really be changed in an instant by the choice of shoes, accessories, etc. If you take your prim little dress and pair it with the badass Chelsea boots pictured above, it'll have a completely new lease on life. Guaranteed. 
..Which leads my on to my next point: Shoes are everything. Life as we know it. It doesn't matter what the hell kind of outfit you have on if your shoes are awesome - That completely contradicts what I have said in this entire post, but I am a believer in shoes. Especially big, black clunky type.

The last thing you need for your outfit? Well, any species crop top will work: Button-up. Baggy. Bralet. Long sleeved. I even have a Nike one. I find them to be quite flattering, and they're great for layering, too. The great news is, if you're really skint, you can make one yourself from an old t-shirt. It'll look rad.


  1. Daisy Street do disco pants that are meant to be just as good as the American Apparel ones and much cheaper. Just in case you're looking for a cheaper alternative xo

    1. Ah, thanks! I'll be sure to check them out.. I think I'm allergic to AA prices! haha x

  2. I love all your selections as well as collections.