Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Rise of Alt Female Rappers?

Clockwise, from left: Kreayshawn, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Iggy Azealia, Brooke Candy, Azealia Banks
It only seemed to occur to me today that there has been somewhat of a powerful, unstoppable surge of female rappers in the past year or so. Y'know what the best part of it is, though? They're doing whatever they want. They're wearing whatever they want. They're absolutely fabulous. About two years ago, I would have scoffed at rapping. 'It's totally not my thing,' I would have said snootily. But, if these women are what you call rappers, I love rap.. y'all. (Just so you know, I've linked my favourite song by the rapper in their names, which are in bold. Yeah.)

If  you've had 'One big room, full of bad *beeeeep*s' floating around your head, then  no doubt you have witnessed the (wonderful) wrath of Kreayshawn. Kreayshawn raps in a sort of effortless, half-bothered voice that, I think, is rather favourable. I'm not going to try to develop on that, because the one sentence I have strung together on it so far sounds very silly. Instead I'll move onto something I'm a little more familiar with: Her dress sense - very casual, rapper-esque, but jumbled. And man, does it work! There's lots of 90s, cartoon characters, and hoop earrings in there.

I've talked about Yo-Landi Vi$$er before (here), and to put it in its simplest terms, I love her. Yo-Landi is part of Die Antwoord, and I'm not gonna lie, she's a bit chipmunk-sounding. But it's totally awesome, I mean it! It's what makes the group work, she's got a sort of aggression to her voice too, so it's suuuper unique. Her style is completely out-there awesome, too, which you can see just by looking at her hair, really.. Her all-pale white look is really breathtaking, especially when combined with gritty facial expressions, and crude, cheeky slogan shirts. Brilliant. 

Iggy Azalea is stunning, so it's no surprise that this Aussie doubles as a model. Her general style is very classy, mixed with the typical attire of some big names in the music business. Think skimpy, skin-tight  Versace and Dolce and Gabbana - wowza! Iggy's got a really sassy, snappy voice that has the perfect balance of grit and glamour (you're jealous of my descriptions, I can tell...). 

The most 'alternative' of the rappers I have named is Brooke Candy - Hell, my first Brooke encounter was on a Grimes music video, and she was featured on the Dazed and Confused Facebook page when I realised she actually rapped. I'm still, err, adjusting to her, as she's very different. Her floor-length weave and buffalo shoes are fantabulous, but frankly her music videos scare me. Expect a lot of.. skin? I won't discuss this anymore. Brooke's backing tracks are beautifully quirky, and her voice is full of intimidation and sass. Watch this space, I say!

Last but certainly not least is Azealia Banks, and I'm sorry, but if you haven't heard one of the incessant replays of 212 on the radio, you have been living under a rock. Azealia raps so fast, it's increible! She sings a little in her songs too, and that is also incredible. Coincidence: So is her dress sense! Banks will wear anything, but my personal favourite look of hers is the cyber-goth, with demonia platforms and a big furry coat on.

Are there any rappers out there that you really love at the moment?


  1. Hey i found your blog through Bloglovin' new follower :) ! I love Azealia Banks but she recently said that she's trying to move away from rapping :( xx

    1. Hey! Eep, I love your blog!! Keep up the good work :D So do I, but seriously? I would have thought that her rapping career has only begun.. That's disappointing :( Thanks for sharing!