Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I've been going through a huge phase of watching lots of movies while being on holidays from school (YES!), so much so that I thought of making a post about of some scenes that have really stuck with me. Below is a playlist of the scenes, and below that is my own little running commentary. One major warning before continuing, though, is this: Spoiler Alert! Enjoy.

The first scene is from Wayne's World, which is quite a classic, in my books. I adore its complete idiotic cheesiness, and if you  haven't seen it, you really should. My favourite thing about this scene is the moment Bohemian Rhapsody reaches its heighest point, and they all just freak out with some headbanging! The synchronicity of it is brilliant, and I think it shows perfectly well how stupid and awesome the whole film is. Great opening sequence.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower has a really, reaaaally beautiful closing scene. I love the colours, the monologue spoken by Logan Lerman ('Charlie') in the background, everything. The single moment when David Bowie starts blaring is absolute perfection, and if you want to be really cheesy, you could say that it's infinite. Only people who have read the book or have seen the movie would get that. Pff.

The scene I have picked out from Moonrise Kingdom is both funny and adorable. It captures the innocence and curiosity that comes with being a 12 year old, and Jared Gilman (who plays Sam) really cracks me up with his ~major~ dance skills. The fact that this scene is quite understated is also what makes it great; I admire that the director didn't try to make it some sort of perfect, romantic kiss scene as many have done before. It wouldn't seem right, would it?

The next scene is practically iconic, and it comes from the 'fricken' brilliant Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon, played by Jon Heder, busts a move in order to represent/promote his friend Pedro who is running for Class President. It's dead embarrassing and awkward, but you've got to give him credit: He's pretty good! But, what really makes this scene is Jon's indifferent, bored expression whilst doing this completely sassy, 70s disco routine.

SLC Punk!'s best scene, in my opinion, is the one in which Stevo (Matthew Lillard) walks in to find his best friend, Heroin Bob (Michael A. Goorjian) dead. I love how completely emotional he is, and you can see that by the spit and tears flying everywhere. This scene also contains the line, 'Only posers die', which has probably stuck with me since I first saw the movie. It shows just how fixated Stevo is about being a 'true' punk. But, aside from that, Bob's electric blue Docs are awesome.

The last scene I've got lined up, from Girl, Interrupted is rather messed up, and really intense. Susanna and Lisa have escaped from their mental institute, and are spending the night with a released patient, Daisy. Lisa, well, basically goes mad. It's quite a disturbing scene, but I guess that's why I like it. Plus, it contains Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, and Brittany Murphy. What's not to love?! Might I add, this scene completely shows off Jolie's acting skills. I also quite like her, blonde.


  1. I just got re-obsessed with Wayne's World recently, I love that scene. Especially when it gets to the slow part and none of them know the words haha. xo