Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Black Leather

Well, as Morticia Addams says (according to Tumblr), 'Black is such a happy colour'. If I'm completely honest, I couldn't agree more. You can look at black as a colour of doom and darkness and depression, but I prefer to look upon it as a void of possibilities: Black is a colour of real texture. I have never to my knowledge come accross a black piece of clothing that had a texture that didn't suit its colour. For example: A black, faux leather bag would be considered something of a staple for any girl, right? Well, what about a neon yellow faux leather bag? Not so much - although as a slight extremist, I quite like the sound of that. Long story short: Black lets a textured fabric speak for itself, without any fuss. Velvet never glistens more beautifully than it does in black; Nor does leather.

Ah, leather. Black leather, in particular. It never fails to fascinate me how it shines, how it moves, and how the designers use it (shoutout to Givenchy.. Cough). They somehow morph some leather pieces to cling to the curves, while other garments are starched and shapless - but still shiny, and yet still completely matte. All praise black leather! Until faux leather garments are in abundance in Penneys, however, I will just have to stick with a beat-up charity shop trench that screams 'I AM FROM THE MATRIX' and my Dr Martens. One day.

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