Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Outfit: Biker Lana

Apologies for my awkward stance/expression - And these were the best shots.. Damn.

Today, I decided I would try to combine two of the most challenging (and beautiful) pieces in my wardrobe to make some sort of hybrid of personas, both of which Lana Del Rey has adopted at one point or another: "The biker" (as seen in Ride) and "The sulky-yet-lust-ridden-rich-kid-with-pretty-clothes-from-another-era" - Classic Lana (seen in Summertime Sadness, etc). I know this look won't be favoured by all, but I quite like it. I must say - I felt a little Tavi Gevinson in the getup, which I enjoyed.

The leather, fringed heavenly jacket is from Penneys, and although it was a bargain reduced to €9, I have no idea how else I will wear it. Likewise for the skirt, which is also from Penneys - Very Louis Vuitton, this time last year (Ads from magazines of the collection are plastered all over my walls). The wedges are from H&M, and they're my babies. I added the lace socks, from Dunnes, for a tad more quirk. The earrings I've got on are from Penneys. Hope you like!

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