Saturday, 8 June 2013

Outfit: To the Beach

Wassaaaap?! My exams are in full swing right now, so of course the sun decided to come out. Today is my day off - I went to the beach with my family. There's something about 'going to the beach' clothes that I love. I don't know exactly what it is, but I think it's how free spirited and loose they are. When I go to the beach, I give myself permission to wear more colourful, baggy, whatever clothes. It's like I'm dressing casually, I haven't put in much effort, but I still feel comfortable and confident in what I've got on. Maybe I'm being ridiculous, but all the same, I love dressing for a day at the seaside.

Today, I wore a short, baggy top with a sheer cross on it from Penneys. I layered a hand-me-down printed halter neck underneath (it's the love of my life), just so it would show through the sheer fabric of the pink top. The colour of the halterneck is amazing with the pink, too. Shorts-wise, I went with my trusty Levi's cutoffs which I made myself. The Raybans I've got on are, or were my Dad's. The tie dye faux-converse I've got on were bought in Penneys.

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