Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Catchin' Some (Heat)Waves, etc.

Dunmore East, Waterford

Curracloe, Wexford

Boatstrand, Waterford
 If you hold residency in Ireland, you will know that we are currently in heatwave mode: I now slather after-sun on my burnt-to-a-crisp back every hour, have spent at least 6 hours in the car (in total) travelling to the best beaches in business, and have even heard of people taking the week off work to get a tan. Crazy? No way. You're only considered crazy if you're complaining about the weather - Those whining about their burns and climate preferences are shunned with a 'well, would you rather the rain?'

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favourite beaches, pictured above. Dunmore East is a classic little fishing village with a gorgeous main beach, as well as plenty of rocky nooks and crannies for swimming in peace, or even just a place to sit and, well, think. There's plenty to do besides the beach, also, with a nearby tennis court, playground, adventure centre (!) and tonnes of cute shops and restaurants. Curracloe is a beach I only visited for the first time yesterday, but I instantly fell in love with the place. Its sand is amazing, as strange as it sounds, and the beach stretches on for miles. I also thoroughly enjoyed mucking about in the sand dunes also, sliding down a huge slope on a body board (I'm still a child, evidently). It's a very busy beach with a shop, arcade, and bathrooms right at hand, and is well worth the visit. Boatstrand is a much more rural beach: It's got a little harbour for fishing and whatnot, which very much acts as a swimming pool on hot days, because of minimal wave-factor. There's also a huge wall (pictured above) jutting out into the sea if you wish to look out at the sea dramatically, like in a scene from your favourite romantic movie.

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