Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fishy Nails

This combo was very much an accident: I had the salmon pink colour (from Penneys years ago - I'm sure similar colours in other brands can easily be found) on for a week or so, and then I began rooting around in my nail polish box out of sheer boredom. I picked up Rimmel's Metal Rush polish in 'Gold Save the Queen', and for some reason, painted a layer of it on my ring finger. The colours didn't exactly go together, but definitely complimented each other. The copper/lilac/pink sheen that comes off the gold in certain light definitely ties it together, and goldfish was the first comparison that came into my head. An unlikely combination, I know, but it works.

I'd also like to take this time to appreaciate how completely awesome this Metal Rush colour is: It's completely seamless in how it doesn't streak, and even if you've streaked a little with application, it's impossible to tell. The tiny, sparkly flecks disguise it, and make the colour opaque from the very first coat. I would definitely recommend it, if you want some more metallic polishes.

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