Monday, 1 July 2013

June Favourites; Music Edition feat. Die Antwoord, Django Django, Disclosure

 Songs as follow:
Disclosure//White Noise
Die Antwoord//Cookie Thumper 
Kanye West//Black Skinhead
Peace//Follow Baby
Django Django//Hail Bop
Fall Out Boy//Where Did the Party Go

It's the first of July already? I don't quite know how time is passing so quickly, but it seems that my summer holidays will have disappeared with the blink of an eye. June was a busy, yet not-so-busy month for me: I was doing exams for the first half of the month, and I spent the second half of the month recovering and watching Game of Thrones; Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found a new obsession! 

It seems that this is the first time I have put out a 'favourites' on time.. I must say, I'm quite proud! However, I haven't really been using any new fashion or beauty products recently, so I decided to mix up my favourites a little with some music. These songs aren't all necessarily new and hip or anything, I've just quite enjoyed them at the moment. There's quite a mix there, and I must say that I may not have ever found some of the songs if it weren't for Spotify. I'm finding it very useful for finding new stuff to listen to - if you're not hooked up to it already, I would highly recommend it. 

May your July be prosperous, etc. 

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