Sunday, 14 July 2013

Outfit: Denim and Crushed Velvet

Sometimes, it's great when you can look decent and be comfortable at the same time. A very easy way to achieve this is by way of wearing leggings (comfort connoisseur 101) and then formalising (is that a word?) your look with a baggy, but still dapper shirt. It's a little Fresh Prince retro, which is perfect for the current 90s zeitgeist. The outfit I've got on, pictured above, is an example of this comfort-vs-chic compromise.

I'm wearing a distressed denim shirt from Penneys, and my crushed velvet leggings are from Next. Both of these articles of clothing have a very small cost-per-wear at this stage, if you know what I'm saying! I would recommend getting both, if you like grungey stuff, or even if comfort is one of your wardrobe priorities. The necklace I've got on is from Topshop, and of course, I paired my trusty Docs with this look. The teeny-tiny backpack I've got on is from Penneys, and it was a fiver. I love it, completely and utterly..

 NECK SHOT WOO ~ Necklace - Topshop

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