Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Outfit: H☯LLYW☯☯D

This outfit is practically based on anything that was essential in the summer wardrobe of 2012 (That's so last year, cough): The yin and yang leggings that were seen on anyone who was anyone, the very-much-a-staple denim vest, etc etc. I dug up the leggings today for the first time in months, and immediately fell back in love. Despite how awfully bad quality they are, they will always be my babies: They sum up how completely controversially tacky I can be, and remind me that for a split second, other people joined me on that principle. Those were the days. 

The denim vest was originally a jacket of my mother's, until I got my hands on it and hacked off the sleeves. The semi-sheer oversized Hollywood vest top underneath was bought at one of the 3656789 cheap-in-price-and-quality shops you can find in Ireland, as were the leggings. I think they go rather well together, as the bright tones in the top balance out the monochrome leggings. The wedges, from H&M set off the 'I'm on holiday' vibes.

...And I've just noticed that nothing from this look is from Penneys. I think I deserve a good pat on the back. 

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