Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Modern Sophis, Part 2: Plastic is Perfect

Image in top right hand corner is from Jalouse Magazine//All other clothing:Burberry//Holographic sandals:Miista//Heels:Jeffrey Campbell//Clutch:Shourouk @ Net-a-Porter.
Okay, I won't lie: I spent a lot of time, perhaps too much time, trying to find examples and pieces for this part of the series, concerning the more shiny, showy stuff that's quite new to our ideas of sophistication. Perhaps it's not as in fashion as I thought! Anyway, it's not really about how fashionable it is, it's about my appreciation for the style. I sort of jumped on this concept - I was immediately inspired by the Jalouse shot above, and thought, 'this would make a perfect post'. I guess not, but nevertheless, I must finish this series, and I must try my best. Here goes:

As we saw in Part 1, modern ideas of sophistication are quite minimalist and masculine, in black and white. But, now comes the more glamourous, colourful part: Shiny plastic everything, in any colour possible. Pencil skirts are massive in this style, either clinging to the legs or gradually jutting out slightly from the hips. Holographics (which I did a previous post on) look awesome with this look, and I must say that I am heavily lusting over the Miista sandals above. Sheer and transparent plastics are also a big part of the idea, as it's all about experimenting with different materials. As this concept is heavily reliant on how textures look, reptiles and leathers are also great, as well as looking luxurious. Anything goes, colour-wise: You can wear all brights, all neutrals, all deep colours, or mix colours for more balance. Wearers can also balance out the overpowering sheen with a more matte texture, such as the Burberry rubber top pictured above, which would surprisingly match a lot of colours, as it's flesh-coloured.

If you want to try a less risqué look, I would suggest wearing one or two of these modern pieces with more 'safe' items, or wearing a 'safe' outfit with all shiny, plastic accessories. I also think this style would look great with long, wild and shaggy fur, if you really wanted to emphasise glamour and luxury. This style is definitely more feminine than the style in Part 1, but why not mix them together? We could be onto a winner..

Which style was your favourite: Part 1, or Part 2?

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