Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shot: Torc Waterfall, Kerry.

I'm thinking of starting a quite simple series of posts whereby I just post a picture I've taken that I particularly like - I started this blog to engage in all areas of creativity that I am interested in, but I seem to have lost sight of that idea/vision recently. Well, at least I feel like I have - I've been pressuring myself to put out as many posts as frequently as I can, and I don't think it's working for me. My blog, even if I have been writing for almost a year, does not have a particularly big audience. That's perfectly acceptable, and I'm very happy that people read my blog, but naturally I thought it would increase traffic by posting more. But, I've realised that it's quality, not quantity - I know it's recommended to blog on a regular basis, but I think I'll just have to let go of that until I'm happy with the content I'm turning out. Anyway, long story short: I feel like these photo-type posts are going to suit what kind of content I want to produce. Aaaand, breathe.. 

This photo was taken a few weeks ago when I was away in Kerry. The whole of Kerry is stunning, but I found this area (Torc Waterfall) to be, perhaps, my favourite place. It's got several trails that take you around the park, and the one I took was incredibly steep and painful - but beautiful. I was reluctant to leave when it began to rain, although my delicate Nikon and lack of waterproofs convinced me otherwise. I know this picture shows no sign of sed waterfall (that's for another day), but isn't it marvellous to be surrounded by trees, their leaves caving in on you, in the semi-darkness?

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