Sunday, 29 September 2013

1 Year of Blogging!

Some of my personal favourite outfits from the year..
So today is a completely normal day, other than the fact that this time last year I started blogging. Yippee! I've made it past a year! That must mean I'll end up blogging forever, right? They always say if you make it past 6 months with blogging, you're a keeper. And here I am. It's been a great little year, and looking at all the outfit posts from the past year, you can really see a lot of changes: The evolution of my style, editting techniques.. hell, even my camera work! It's all changed, and may it change again and again. 

I may not have the  typical number of followers or views or comments of a year-old blogger, but I've come to realise that if this is something that I like to do (and I do like doing it very much), that does not matter. There may be a very small volume of people reading and responding to my content, but I would still like to thank those people for checking in on my site and having a look, and even enjoying what I have to say and supporting me- That's a perk that comes with blogging in itself.

Blogging has helped me in so many ways over the past year, with my fashion sense, my writing, my computer and web-savviness, my confidence, and even my creativity. Long may it last! I look forward to see what the next year on the blogosphere will hold for me. It's been great, so far. :)

Thanks everyone! :) x