Friday, 20 September 2013

Outfit: Dr Martens and Penneys to the Flicks

No time for editting, or even angsty posing... sorry, guys!

I wore this number out to see 'This is Us' (yes, really) recently, and I was smart enough to take a picture before heading out to Zayn and Harry-land. It's more toward the vintage-cutesy end of the spectrum regarding my style, and although that's an area rarely visited, I quite like this.

My Docs, which are currently doubling as school shoes, work rather well for this look, just because I need a little more masculinity for this look to work - I think if I went for the conventional brogue with all the trimmings, it would just be too cutesy for me. Dr Martens just make everything look more solid, don't they? The floral dress (worn as a skirt, oooooh) is from Penneys, and I paired it with a white and pink-speckled top (my shoddy photography has made sed speckles invisible) also from Penneys. The blazer, which my mother thinks makes me look like one of my great-aunts, is from a charity shop - much to her surprise, such a blazer has gotten me many a compliment. Ha.


  1. I love this outfit! Very mod, it suits you even if it isn't normally your style :-)

    I know them feels about the mother thing. I was going to a friends bbq before and my mum was like "Take off that granny cardigan." and I was like "Sheesh it's vintage like duh!"

  2. chic fit! love your shoes they go very well with your outfit. great mix of masculine and feminine looking articles.