Saturday, 14 September 2013

Teen Talent on Culture Night

Reader's train of thought: "Times, places, lineups, etc.... omg, it's FREEEEEE!"

Believe it or not - I have a reason (or reasons) why I haven't posted for a while -  First of all, I've started TY - a supposedly easy, but incredibly busy year for students in Irish secondary schools. I can confirm this theory to be true, and it certainly doesn't help the upkeep of my blog to say that I've been PRing for a very special event for the past few weeks... Hence, there has been no room for blogging, although I miss it dearly. Sed event is the Waterford Young Arts Critics Presents Teen Talent as part of Culture Night, which will showcase the talent of youths in the fields of acting, writing, music, and more. 

The excitement the others and I feel for this coming night of art, relaxation and celebration is rather inexplainable. I fully believe that this is going to be a hit - judging from all the work, blood, sweat and tears we have put into this, along with its performers, crew members, sponsors, mentors, etc, I think we have a really great night on our hands! But, only if we get our required turnout. What use is an amazing band, a top class actress, an outstanding poet and a wonderful coffee-house setting if there is no one there to enjoy it?!

That's where you - the people of Waterford - come in. Young, old, it doesn't matter - We want you to drop in to the Waterford Youth Arts Building, AKA. the Arch on Barrack Street at some time between 5 and 9:30pm this Friday (20th September) for a cuppa chow with friends and family, to enjoy a relaxed atomosphere and revel in some fresh, young talent. It sounds good, doesn't it? One more thing: The whole thing is free - cuppa chow and all.

Full lineup and more details can be found on the Critics' website,

You can also 'join' the Critics' event on Facebook, to show your support!  

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