Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Playlist: The 1975, Artic Monkeys, MGMT...


 Songs as follow:
Last Dinosaurs - Weekend
The 1975 - Milk
Funeral Suits - All Those Friendly People
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
MGMT - Mystery Disease

These are some of my favourite songs at present, although I've got many more at the moment - It always seems that during this time of year, several bands are releasing new stuff, and there's never enough time to listen to it all.. Well, I'm doing my best!

MGMT's new album has certainly filled me with remorse, as they've sold out their Ireland date (19th of October.. I'll never forget) for their upcoming tour and even if they hadn't, I have other important things on that day, although one could easily question what would be more important than an MGMT gig! I will see them one day, even if it means hunting them down in America during a time when MGMT (God forbid) is no more. 

But, prospects are looking up: The 1975 are touring Ireland the week of midterm, near my birthday, so that may be an excuse to go see them. I've also fallen in love with their first album, and would certainly recommend checking it out if you've been caught bopping to 'Chocolate' on several occasions. Update ~~ I got the tickets! Yesss, life's lookin' great.. 

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