Monday, 28 October 2013

"Where've You Been, Bronagh?!"

Well, hello again! I've been gone for a while (19 whole days, to be exact), and I apologise for that, but I full well have an excuse! All will be explained. I feel a lyfe-blogpost coming on..

Clockwise from left: Selfie central; 'T-Birds' jacket from 'Grease'; My McDonalds usual; On the road; Recreational Study (kidding); Candy apples sold in school

My busy-bee era began with many-a-rehearsal/show for a local production of the musical 'Grease', which I took part in. I played the part of Ms Lynch, the not-so-with-it principal of Rydell High. When I wasn't rehearsing, I was catching up with school stuff or, err, deciding what to wear to the next rehearsal.. I may as well be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the production, and I'm glad to say it's definitely rekindled my love of theatre which had died with my childhood a long time ago. Friendships and memories were made - long may they live! - I'm determined to jump off this cheese-train ASAP, so I'll end this segment with 'I can't wait to see everyone again at the cast party'. 

 I have also been incredibly busy in school: I can now confirm that TY* can be just as stressful as other years in secondary school, if not more so. I'm involved in a mini-company (We've sold anything foodie from chocolate apples to hotdogs), the school bank (Part of AIB's annual 'Build-A-Bank competition), the school's learning centre (Helping once a week in a junior cert class), the school's media platforms (Magazine, radio) as well as projects and your usual school-y things. It may be hectic, but I've never been given so much independence at school. TY has been uber nice (and a little stressful) to me, so far. (*Transition Year to all you international readers - it's basically a gap year in school where you're given the chance to find out what on earth you want to do with your life.)

 This weekend in particular has been very busy: I managed to qualify for the Irish Junior Science Olympiad (It's honestly not as nerdy as it sounds) in DCU, so I spent the week beforehand brushing up on cells, charges, bonds and whatnot. It was a grand excuse to escape to Dublin for a little while, and the Olympiad itself was a very new, interesting experience for me. I didn't place, but I got a nice little cert that will look pretty on my CV!

On all my travels through early mornings and late nights, I discovered my love of pictures of, well, the road.. that may seem fairly bleak, but I love the contrast between all the dull electricity poles and road signs and concrete with the sky's colours. I'll just hold my phone up to the windscreen for three hours driving on the motorway, while my chauffeur (Dad) stares at me. Great fun.. I may do an extended post on this new fascination of mine, we'll see.

 In between all of the rehearsals/meetings/everything, came eating, exercising and sleeping. I have to say, all of them went out the window for the most part: I went into school looking like a zombie, and the small amount of time I had didn't allow a whole lot of time for something nutritious to eat - enter McDonalds and other respective junk food. I'm currently trying my hardest to wean myself off of my sacred sweet chilli crispy chicken wrap and caramel frappĂ©, but I don't think I will be able to have a normal diet again until things quieten down - The same goes for my exercise routine, which I'm not even going to discuss - let's just say that a four week course in aromatherapy instead of PE has had some dire results of my fitness. Yeow.

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