Thursday, 7 November 2013

Inspo: Gaga 4.0

Whenever Lady Gaga comes out with a new album, she always surfaces on my Tumblr dashboard with her new style/hair/makeup and I always end up asking myself: "How can one woman be so impeccably stylish? And how can she manage to hit the zeitgeist-nail on the head whilst also adding her own trademark twist, and still always completely pull it off?" Every single time.

In her latest return with her fourth album ARTPOP, she's mainly been seen sporting a rather bare, glowing face; golden, big and bouncing bombshell hair and a tiny septum piercing that I can only vow to have by the age of 21. I can dream..Clothing is just as simplified and casual, but still completely has 'Gaga' written all over it: The picture on the far left above is a perhaps one of my favourite examples of da queen in casual. She's also been using a lot of the past for inspiration: Her seashell underwear in relatively recent music video 'Applause' evidently references Venus; other Gaga getups have reminded me a lot of the likes of Madonna, e.g. the centre image above. There's definitely something very iconic about whatever is being translated here, that's for sure! 

The new, fresh-faced ARTPOP era of Lady Gaga is my favourite so far; Yet I've said something similar to that every time she's returned to the public eye. Gaga has always been a big style inspiration to me, and that's certainly not about to stop - I think I'll be needing some bronzer and volumising extensions.. Maybe seashells. What do you think?

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