Friday, 1 November 2013

Outfit: All Hallows' Eve

Forever looking slightly terrified in pictures. Nyeh

Well hello, November! I always find myself shocked at the fact that Halloween marks the end of October.. Seeing a new month on my phone's calendar makes only the previous night seem so distant. Aside from all the confusion, I had a lovely night despite being the only one in my group of friends to dress accordingly (ie, any way Hallowe'en-y) for the night.

My 'costume' - if it can even be called that- was nameless. I have no idea what exactly I was, or what direction I was taking with it: I think I started out with a Tim Burton-esque idea, which got a little lost in translation so that I ended up dressed a little like Amy Lee's understudy. My dress was a hand-me down from my aunt; the makeshift 'top' was made from an old pair of tights. I also slightly laddered the tights on my legs for added effect. I may/may not be considering to wear these on occasions other than Hallowe'en, ahem.

In a hasty attempt to look a little more Corpse Bride and less my-twelve-year-old-fantasy-self, I paled down my makeup a little, smushed on a fuchsia lippy and added some fake-blood-tears to my smokey and heavily lined eyes, lashes standing on end in every angle. Better? Well, I hope so..

FYI, if you're wondering what I wore over my getup when venturing into the great outdoors, I wore my typical everyday double-breasted grey wool coat with a black mini-cape secured under the collar. Stay festive and warm, kids.

How was your Hallowe'en? What did you dress up as?

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