Saturday, 16 November 2013

Outfit: Big Jumpers and Flimsy Leggings

I won't lie: When I put on my cheapo Yin-Yang leggings for the first time in about a year or so, I was a little worried that the paper-thin fabric would rip along the back seam. They may not be solid, but gosh, I love them: They may have disappeared after a brief fad in the summer of 2012, but I'll be wearing these babies until the day I die... Or at least until they rip.

I went quite monochrome on this outfit, wearing a hand-me-down cosy, long jumper to cover my scantily covered behind. I've been wearing the jumper for about 5 days straight now - no regrets. I would most certainly recommend getting a warm, plain jumper to wear with anything; you'll never take it off again! The denim shirt layered underneath is from Penneys, as is the gold chain. I added my red converse for a bit of colour.

Personally, I like this outfit quite a bit - more than any other outfit I've posted in a while! It's perfectly comfy and casual, but the leggings add something a little extra - despite the exposure risks they entail. Oh, the things I do for fashion..

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