Thursday, 21 November 2013

Shots: On the Road

 I've spent a considerable amount of time in the car recently. I've been to Wexford, Dublin, Limerick in the space of a week, and am due a trip to Wexford again only this evening! I'm looking forward to the journey. Am I the only one who enjoys a peaceful car ride (avec 3 people max - a packed, noisy trip is not what I am talking about) every now and again? You can just sit there with your earphones in, watching the scenery change around you.  Even better - it's raining out, or the sun's beginning to set. I love the sound of rain hammering on the car roof, or the contrast of a soft pink sky against the dull concrete.  On my recent journeys, I've made no secret of this fascination of mine: I'll hold my phone up to the windscreen shamelessly, getting a few confused looks from my chauffeur, aka. Dad - all for your viewing pleasure.

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