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Black eyelash jumper; River Island//Furry Stole; River Island//Fedora; River Island//Triangle Bra; Monki//Chunky shoes; Vagabond//Septum clip; Regal Rose//Eagle Necklace; Topshop//Snapback; Forever 21
A week or so ago, I had one of those moments when you wander into town after a shopping-hiatus of almost two months (gasp!) and everything about the shops has changed - swimsuit sections changed to onesie sections, florals morphed to tartans... Penneys had even changed the flooring from grey lino to "wood" lino! What on earth was happening? I was in a parallel universe, surrounded by endless A/W goodness. It was a little overwhelming, so I've tried to calm myself down a little by organising a little wishlist for myself. Before we begin, I would like to acknowledge that I'm fully aware of the fact that almost everything above is black. It was not intentional - I swear. Oh, and if Polyvore offered Penneys/Primark as part of their product index, the list would be 5 times bigger.

When I waltzed into River Island to see wonderfully fluffy eyelash jumpers, I had to try one on immediately. The jumper I originally tried on was a god-like bright lime green colour, and despite all of my research, I sadly have been unable to find it online. As a result, I've displayed black version above, although the picture does no justice to its fluffiness. It feels wonderful on, and I can imagine myself wearing it all the time with everything. It must be mine. 

The second thing to catch my eye in River Island was this luxurious yet caveman-esque mixed faux fur stole. It's like nothing I've ever seen before, and because of its many colours and textures, I think it would match up to many different things. Cosy, versatile and interesting, eh?

I've had a thing for septum piercings ever since Givenchy came out with those ridiculously beautiful, intricate septum pieces (like this) in 2012. Once I saw that Regal Rose had come out with their own Tibetan septum clips, I was sold. Not only are the clips amazing, but no piercing is necessary whatsoever! I'm thinking very seriously about purchasing one. Could I pull it off? 

Now, for more River Island Adventures: I found a fedora whilst trooping around my local store and tried it on for fun, only to find that I quite liked the hat. I've never been big on brimmed hats and always feel a little idiotic whilst wearing one, but who knows - this may be the hat for me! 

I've been seeing a lot of these triangle bras floating around Tumblr recently also, and they've got me thinking about trying one out. The bras are unbelievably cute and flatter chested girls seem to rock them quite well - I may/may not give one a go sometime?! They also seem to solve the problem of bunching up under tops too, with lack of padding and wiring and whatnot. If anyone would like to prove me correct/incorrect on this, please let me know in a comment!

I know, I know - snapbacks may not be completely availible during winter, but that isn't stopping me from wanting one! I may not be your average snapback-wearer, but I'd love to wear one back to front for some adorable tomboy-ish vibes. The only thing that's been holding me back is trying to compromise design with price - The only snapbacks I really like are the ones with a scary price tag. Typical.

I'm pretty sure that the eagle chain necklace pictured above has been in my local Topshop for about a year now. I'm patiently - very patiently - waiting for it to go down in price in a sale. It's a little heavy, but I think it would look fabulous with, well, anything.. One day. 

Last but not least, my chunky-soled shoe obsession is back. It faded away for unknown reasons for winter last year, but returned recently when envy was sparked over a pair of shoes (above) a friend of mine had bought in Urban Outfitters recently. I've been looking for a knock-off on eBay ever since.

What's on your wishlist?

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