Sunday, 1 December 2013

Inspo: DMDs (Deep Meaningful Doodles)

For approximately the fiftieth time, I came across something on Tumblr (queue a unanimous groan) that I want to share with you all - Before I discuss it, I just want to urge all those in need of some inspiration, laughs, anything to make a Tumblr - Even if you don't want to post anything, it's a great way to see art, fashion, news, whatever you're into. However, do so at your own risk: It's an addictive hobby, if that's what you could call it.

Anyway, my latest artsy obsession is these wonderfully weird doodles: Some are rather simplistic in form and look a child's drawing/anime hybrid, whilst others resemble some tripped out henna designs. The sketches are often accompanied with a small piece of text: I've found in a lot of cases that this text is really simple and perhaps a little petty or immature, but paired with such strange and abstract drawings, they give off a feeling of vulnerability and/or deepness- or is it just me?I don't know, I may just be reading into things a little too much.  

For a while I had no idea who was doing these drawings, although I very well wished I did. Only last night did I find a Facebook link to one particular creator of these incredible drawings: Her name is Beverly Salas, and I was delighted to find even more of her work on her page. I think it's fair to say that I'm in love with her work, and that she deserves a whole lot more recognition for her wonderful talent! I envy anyone with such talent to draw and draw a full page of flawless trippiness in such detail - whenever I try, it turns to a lopsided  mess and I run out of ideas of what to draw next. Kudos!

Class Desktops by Alan Keane @ LGA
 I also saw something similar to this drawing style at Limerick Gallery of Art: The piece was called 'Class Desktops' by Alan Keane, and it was essentially that: four old desktops, adorned with graffiti that was both immature and hilarious, but also incredibly meaningful to think about what all of these different students had been thinking and going through when scribbling on the desks, as well as where they may be now. It really stood out to me in such a big gallery, full to the brim with interesting pieces; I have never seen anything like it in my life.

What do you think of this style of art?

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