Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Playlist: Current Favourites #3

Songs as Follow: 
Crave You // Flight Facilities
Madness // Muse
In the Wild // Alpine
Dan Croll // From Nowhere
Delorentos // Petardu

Lesson of the day: Don't ever fool yourself into thinking that someone who listens to bands you've never heard of is some sort of hipster-indie-band-guru-superhuman. Just because someone starts talking about an album you can't even find on iTunes doesn't make anyone involved superior or inferior - it just means, well, nothing - Some people may look through my playlists and think them as basic as Now 80-whatever, or as foreign as Klingon - granted they're not a Star Trek fanatic. If you find yourself thinking the latter, let me inform you that all of the songs in this playlist were either on an ad on the telly, or were recommended to me on Spotify.. And remember: There's no shame in liking an unknown band, should that be the case - just don't expect anyone else to care.

I don't know - sometimes, it just seems that young people these days feel the need to express their interests in specific bands to extreme measures to feel accepted, appreciated or validated. I mean, who really cares? I would never turn someone away because they don't like the same music as me, and even if someone did like the same bands as me, knowing that they have included it in their Twitter Bio would not make me anymore keen - Ya feel? But then again, all the same, who cares about that either? Maybe the the moral of this post is not to be judgemental about anything. In which case, this entire section is a bit of a contradiction. Oh well.

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