Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shots: Christmas Lights

 Yes, yes - this is going to be one of those generic, fuzzy posts about how great Christmas is, and how lovely it is to walk into town (my town being Waterford, home to seasonal festival Winterval) and see that the place is busy for once. You may have 50,000 presents to buy, you may be weighed down by shopping bags, and you may have to navigate the crowds with a high level of concentration, but somehow the Christmas lights, carousels and to-die-for smells coming from numerous burger stalls all make it a little more mellow and rose-tinted. I may have my shopping done and I may know Penneys' stock off by heart by now, but I'll still go into Waterford as often as I can, simply for the Christmassy atmosphere. Isn't it nice to just walk around, hot chocolate in hand, looking at the wondrous things around you? You have to just stop and smell the erm, burgers every once in a while.

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