Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Mighty Winter Coat Hunt

#1:River Island | #2: Monki | #3: Topshop | #4: Monki
My current winter coat is grey, woollen, double-breasted, a little oversized, smart. But it's 2 years old, bobbly, not very oversized anymore, and is getting more boring by the hour. It's time: Time to hunt down a new *winter coat*. It's always a big ordeal for me: I have to find one has a balance of warmth, prices, and style. I could take the easy way out and go for a parka which I would love very much, but I'm not so sure I want to join the khaki brigade. It seems a little too... easily done? If I'm going to be wearing my next winter coat for 2 years again, I want it to be something that is different, but still plain so I can jazz it up with different scarves/hats/gloves/whatever. Plus, I tend to go for more formal jackets.. Ya feel? The parka life chooses you, not the other way around.. It didn't choose me.

So, without further ado, here are my top 4 styles of jackets that I've been considering..

#1: The Woollen Slouch Coat
Seen in a variety of dark, dull yet versatile colours, prints and knits, this jacket screams 'fashion editor' to me. It's very business-as-usual, but I think the slouch makes it a little more casual and street-friendly. I can only imagine how fabulous this coat would look with a stole 'round the neck and a massive black leather bag over the shoulder, strutting down to your Nylon Magazine office, frappucino in your leather-gloved hand and... Okay, stop Bronagh. Calm down. This jacket basically embodies the kind of life I'd like to have, that's all - Although maybe I'm a little too sensible for it: They always seem to be made of very thin material, which isn't much use in our current climate. If anyone knows of a well-made, fairly priced coat in this style, let me know!

#2: The Oversized Bomber Jacket
This one's the most casual of the lot, and perhaps the most cozy looking. It's zips right up to the chin, ensuring maximum neck/chest warmth, whilst also looking chicly baggy. It may be a little too casual for some people's liking, but it seems like a nice variation from a parka. Although, I do think it could be snazzed up with the right accessories: Lotsa fur, cough, ladies and gents. It also seems to be the shortest in length of the coats I'm discussing in this post. PS: It's got a hood too. It's funny, I never even noticed this until I was scanning over the post after writing. Evidently, I'm incredibly sensible and observant.

#3: The Double-Breasted Business Coat
This one may be in the same family as coat #1, but it can be pulled off in a lot more colours, e.g. beige. It's also very similar to my current coat, although my current coat has some pleats, unnessecary buttons... it looks kinda china doll-like, next to the little number I've pictured above. This coat is the big sister style, it's a progression. Again, this is another coat that would look good worn with a wide range of hats, scarves, etc. It'll look good formal and casual too, although it depends on what casual means to you: That is, if casual means leggings and a hoodie to you, the coat might look a little muddled. Do you see my issue?

#4: "The Minimalist Tent... Oh, I mean Coat" Coat
This one's very different; It may look a little strange in theory, but it really comes to life in practice. It's completely plain, leaving space for any accessory you can dream of, and looks awesome formal or casual. If you're up for something a little more interesting, this may be for you! This is another one of those progression coats, that has matured over time: You'd easily see a pale pink version of this on a cute toddler, wouldn't you? Well, start taking notes from the little ones - They're onto something.

What kind of winter coat are you wearing?

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