Sunday, 12 January 2014

Inspiration: Graphic Goodness from David Marinos

Tonight was one of those bored, idle nights where you sit and listen to music and tweet and tumble and partake in many other modern-day-lazy-teen activities. Then out of nowhere, David Marinos appears on my screen; He's a graphic artist, with the same amount of years to his name as myself. When I saw his work, I simply asked: How? How can one person be so utterly talented from such a young age?

I am completely in love with his work; I think the combinations of images, colours, textures, everything is flawless. Marino's work is, in essence, everything I could ever ask for in an artist: His style of art fits my tastes like a glove. This guy is gonna go far!

As if he hasn't come far enough already, he's studied in America, Europe, won Best Young Artist of 2012, and has his own clothing line. I feel a little inadequate.. What on earth am I doing with my life? I'd better start getting my act together... Let me just reblog one last picture on Tumblr. Or fifty.

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