Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Septum Clip

My appreciation for piercings blossomed when my appreciation for a lot of things blossomed - when  I made a Tumblr. I always loved a good nose ring, and the odd snake bite back in the era of the 'Scene Queen' - but I never really thought of wearing any of them for myself. I just liked to look at them on other people. I was - and am still - pretty sure that I would never go further than the ear region when piercing because of costs, dedication, and well, effort. 

However, I discovered the world of faux-piercing when I came across a beautiful Givenchy couture-esque septum ring on Regal Rose: I was adamant that I would own it - or at least something like it. That's when I settled on a more wearable septum clip from Efflorescence Jewelery on Etsy as a Christmas present: It was very affordable and looked pretty cool, as far as I was concerned.

It's been exactly a month since I got it, and I can say it was definitely worth buying. The fact that I can take it out whenever I want is dead handy, especially since I attend a school with a restrictive uniform policy and when I'm in the presence of those who may not appreciate the jewellery like I do.. In fact, there are days when even I am not feeling the whole septum thing - and it's just a matter of slipping it off when I want, without the worry of any 'closing up' or nasty infections.

The clip felt strange when I first began to wear it, especially when putting it on and taking it off. Now, I barely feel a thing!When wearing it, I feel aware of it, but it's not annoying or painful - some may consider that a good thing, as I know it hasn't fallen out. It stays still for the most part, just be careful if you tend to sneeze or get the sniffles.

So if you're looking for an alternative to the conventional, costly and time consuming piercing or are unsure that it will suit you, why not go for a clip? There are no strings attached, and it won't break the bank.. I know I will certainly be buying some more.

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