Saturday, 22 February 2014

Inspo, Spring Edition: Creepy Crawlies

For some reason, we always seem to associate spring fashion almost synonymously with muted, pale and girly pastel colours, dainty dresses and other "ladylike" characteristics. I'm not saying I've got anything against some dainty shades, shapes and textures, but doesn't it get a little.. exhausting? Sometimes it's nice to have a fresh take on things. That's where the insects come in. 

This combination of bright, clashing colours happened very much by accident: My nails had been a result of sheer experimentation. I tried on the shirt (second hand) out of boredom later that day, and tried on about 5 jumpers with it out of some more boredom. When it came to trying on this River Island jumper, I felt I had a winner. The colours are so clashy, yet so complimentary.. I love it! The somewhat conventional, classy springtime silhouette is still there, I've just mixed up by colours and textures a little. The jumper reminds me of some sort of psychedelic caterpillar, whilst my nails are like the back of a beetle... It's still springy, it's just gotten a little sinister!

For makeup (which I'm aware I rarely discuss because I don't feel it's something I feel very experimental about, although I did on this particular day), I kept it very simple - no blush/contour/eyeshadow/eyebrow stuff; just lined lids, a little blue on top and in the corners of the eye, a coral (clashing, again) tinge to the lip and lots of highlighter.

My earrings (aka the loves of my life) are from Topshop, as is the cute daisy ring I'm wearing.

So, will you be showing a little love for the bugs this spring? If the thought of miniscule furry creatures and tiny hard-shalled beasts may make you squirmish, but they sure do come off fabulously when applied to the world of fashion. Let's amp it up and leave the flowers behind us... You'll be catching some eyes with this look, I can assure you that!

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