Monday, 10 February 2014

Outfit: The Casual-to-Formal-Ratio

I was getting ready to head out to a play last weekend (an excellent one, may I add - a review may follow), when faced with the predicament of, 'what on earth do you wear when going to the theatre?' It wasn't one of those West End/Sydney Opera House-type affairs so stoles and feather-hats weren't required, but it certainly wasn't any school musical in a community hall deal, either. Events such as this one require the sort of effort that you don't make obvious: You look as best as you can, without letting on that you were really and truly trying to look your best. I'm sure we've all encountered some sort of situation like this, so here's my take on the global issue of casual sophistication.

I'll make no lie about the fact that I'm head to toe in Penneys, apart from my creepers, from Amazon, and the belt, which I stole from my dad because nothing beats the sturdy edge that only a black leather belt possesses. The top was a bargain: €3! Thanks a mill, Penneys.

So, here comes the big question: Have I done 'classy yet casual' justice? I certainly hope so, because otherwise it seems I have made somewhat of a eijit of myself.


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