Thursday, 6 February 2014

Outfit: $$$

I'll admit it: I've always liked a good snapback. Not necessarily in the context in which it is typically used, but nevertheless, I think they're pretty rad; Especially worn backwards. Maybe I'm just yearning a little too much for my childhood fashion fads, but when I saw the snapback worn above in the 'accessories' section of Penneys, I freaked out a little. The hats are always a little overpriced in highstreet shops, so it delighted me when Penneys decided to jump on the bandwagon. (This hat originally had 'Brooklyn' embroidered across the front - I snipped and plucked it all off, as suggested by a close, dear friend. Thanks Ayah.)

So with my new swaggy hat, I ventured into the deep end and channelled a little Odd Future for this outfit. The Nike Top is from TK Maxx, and I love it dearly. My purple disco pants, from River Island
were snatched up for only €8 in the Christmas sales! Delira. 
Some items I'd like to add to my hypothetical swag wardrobe: Odd Future tee//Nasty Gal chain//Jeffrey Campbell ZOMGs//Nike Air Max//Penny Board

So, the question is: If I was decked out with a longboard and a distressed marijuana-print backpack, would you take me seriously? I hope not, but hopefully a tiny snapback won't cause anyone too much shock. Everything in moderation..


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