Friday, 25 April 2014


Last weekend, myself and some friends decided to take advantage of the miniscule nice weather experienced in Ireland and took some pictures out and about. I, of course, used the oppurtunity to get some nice outfit shots - I tend to stay inside when it comes to using a tripod, as it's considerably flimsy and blew over one day whilst outdoors, resulting in a tainted lens which I now have to replace.. sigh. Anyway, we had a wonderful day and here are some of the pictures we took for one of my get-ups!

If I were to draw a Venn Diagram (yes, I'm resorting to maths for explanation) to describe my taste in clothes, I think it would consist of three converging circles named as follows: Circle A, tacky-90s-girly-sometimes-ghetto-diva-queen; Circle B, grotty-homeless-grunge-goth; and Circle C, minimalist-sophisticated-modernist-experimental-silhouettes-girl. They're a bit of a weird combination, but I think this outfit mainly consists of circle C. Circle C, if it's not already clear to you, is the one that doesn't thrive on colour or patterns or anything much. Hence the monochrome, interesting textures and sporty vibes - although sporty vibes are a little nod to Circle A.. Have I lost anyone yet?!

So the outfit consists of following: A mesh numerals-sporty-type top/dress, from Penneys - mainly a Circle C, but it also shows some characteristics of Circle A. The leather shorts underneath are from H&M, and they're a breed of Circle A and B, with the leather and all. The platform sneakers (the closest I could get to some Max Star converse that I have been dreaming of for years) are from Primark (no, not Penneys.. I went to Manchester last week! Ooh, photos coming soon..), and although this is a Circle C outfit, I think we can all confirm they're a solid Circle A shoe. The black bralet/crop top is from Topshop. That's just a basic, no circles. Right? 

And that, ladies and gents, is how dressing yourself can be mathematical. You're welcome.

Behind the scenes oooh!!:  Cutie Megan showing me da pixx//Yours truly looking genuinely happy and scary all at once

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