Wednesday, 16 April 2014



I'm not really sure how this little moodboard came about - It started off as a collection of really bright, strange images I'd come across, and then for some reason I started to edit them in different ways to further enhance their strangeness. The end result is this vibrant, strange image containing more vibrant, strange images. I even made one of the images (bottom right) into a distortion-type gif, although this messed with the quality of the whole picture so you can view that version here, even though it's nothing that groundbreaking... Ha.

I found this moodboard incredibly fun and even a little challeging to put together, as it was very 'ooh, what does this button do?' when putting it together, as well as keeping a colour scheme and all that jazz in mind. It's a nice change from all the black, anyway... Hope you like!

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