Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shots: Manchester

On the ferry; Obligatory sea pic
In city centre;Obligatory fancy Starbucks pic

In the Trafford Centre; Obligatory white-girl-crappucino-and-doughnut-pic

This year, I started my Easter holidays (R.I.P.) by hopping onto a ferry and going to Manchester on a school trip for four jam-packed, unforgettable, and somewhat exhausting days. We had an excellent time being tourists, crying reel tearz at the positively humongous Trafford Centre (Cue 'LADS, I'VE FOUND HOLLISTER/FOREVER 21' being yelled in a truly Irish accent all over the gaff), and eating all the tumblr-y foods you won't find in the deprived country of Ireland.

I don't know what it is, but as we walked into the city centre of Manchester one morning, I found I was being wowed by the buildings alone. Everything seemed so much prettier, cleaner and bigger in Manchester, compared to the dingey little streets of Waterford - maybe even Dublin?! Big city lyf is calling me.

NOTE: Being the complete idiot I am, I recently managed to.. injure my camera lens, meaning that it wasn't in optimal state when taking these pictures. Hence, some are a little jittery and unfocused looking - and it didn't help that some were taken whilst walking, trying to keep up with the gaggle of giggling schoolgalz. Hopefully I will be able to get a new lens soonish - if anyone has any recommendations for me, feel free to share in a comment!

Two of my fave shops, side by side... I like this place.

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