Friday, 23 May 2014


..Yeah, I've still got stuff from Manchester last month to share... This is the last bit; I promise!

This was taken at around 10 am.. We'd had an eight hour journey and half all-nighter prior - Hence the dazed, perhaps even sulky expression. I was outside an actual real life American Apparel though, so it was all good! Anyway, we had another long - but fun, really fun - day ahead, and I couldn't face restrictive, structured clothing. Let's just say I took the 'comfort' approach for the majority of the trip.

The coat is from Dunne's, the all-Irish equivalent of Tesco. (Men's section, woohoo!) The hoodie underneath is from Penneys (MEN'S), and the crushed velvet leggings are from Next. The t-shirt, perhaps my favourite t-shirt ever is from Topshop. I finished off the comfort-fest with some nice ole' Vans (They're unisex, but I borrowed them from my brother... Men's?!).

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